Sunday, January 13, 2013

2013 Summer Workshops

The Self Portrait: Artist as Model

10 days, August 5th - 16th        10:00-5:00, one hour lunch break         
Cost: $1150.00

Instructor: Emanuela De Musis
During his life, Rembrandt completed at least seventy self portraits. These drawings, etchings and oil paintings created a diary of his life and served as tools of experimentation and promotion.
Using history as inspiration, this ten day workshop will open with a presentation of various self portraits and a discussion of their motivations and themes. This will aid the student in choosing a composition for their autobiography. More than other genres, the self portrait demands that the artist reflect not only on the self, but how to present this self to others.
Moving into the studio, students will begin a cartoon in graphite. This is a preliminary sketch that establishes proportion, gesture and the correct grouping of light and dark. This important phase creates a solid structure. Using a light table, the students will transfer the cartoon to toned paper and the drawing will continue in graphite and chalk where rendering techniques accurately capture delicacy of form and quality of flesh. Through the articulation of subtle plane changes and correct value assignments, the students will move towards a naturalistic and volumetric drawing.
The instructor will provide individual critiques, demos and lectures. 

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