Wednesday, February 27, 2013

2013 Summer Workshops

Color Lab: Flesh Tones

10 days, August 19th - 30th     10:00 - 5:00, one hour lunch break,
Cost: $1150.00 (plus $50 materials fee)

Instructor: Sean Krajnik

Color is an indispensable tool for painters. Mastery of color unlocks freedom and control over one's  ability to solve color problems.

Painting accurate flesh tones is a demanding task for beginners. A key problem may lie in lacking a complete understanding of the principles of color. Once they have been understood, artists can move on to express ideas in painting with control and freedom. Let us inquire about the language of color, the nature of color, and acquire mastery over flesh tones.  

Course Description: 
This class is designed to aid students in understanding the fundamental  principles of color, particularly how it applies to painting flesh. Using modern color science as well as color measuring tools such as the Munsell Book of Color and a spectrophotometer, students can explore color more deeply. It is designed to demystify the creation of flesh tones and managing the challenges they bring. Students will progress through fundamental lessons that start with mixing and organizing a flesh tone palette, then painting geometric shapes that are flesh colored, followed by a color study of a selected print of a female model. 

Lectures, painting demonstrations and reference material are given throughout the workshop.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Color Lab Class

Sean's Color Lab class is going strong in it's second trimester. Each Thursday evening, the model room at ARA Boston is taken over by color mixtures on glass palettes, painted geometric shapes and Munsell Value Scales. 

The next round of classes will run from April 11th to June 20th. And stay tuned for a 10 day Color Lab summer workshop concentrating on flesh tones!

Instructor Sean Krajnik teaches Color Lab on Thursday evenings from 5:00-8:00.

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