Sunday, April 22, 2012

New Pose!

On April 10th we began a new term in the model room. For the first two weeks we concentrated on the beginning stages of figure drawing, setting a new pose each morning and afternoon.

The following block-ins are by Stephen Kivimaki.

These multiple poses served another purpose: to find the long pose which will occupy us for the next ten weeks. We settled on a back pose that demonstrates large planar groupings. An accurate planar analysis is key in creating a precise representation of the forms.

Our Long Pose

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Brian MacNeil's Saturday Portrait Class

This term, Brian MacNeil instructed an eight week portrait class on Saturdays.

Students completed a cartoon in graphite then had the option to continue with the drawing.

Catherine chose to transfer her cartoon to a clean piece of paper.

Students also had the option to transfer their cartoons to canvas and begin working in oils.

On the lower right is a color study. This establishes the value and color relationships of the painting.

For the spring term, Brian will be joining ARA on Wednesdays, instructing Bargue and Cast. (Yay!)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A week in the ARA, Boston


The Long Pose continues.

Cindy talks to Sean about his painting.

Garrett critiques Frank.

Tools of the trade.

At ARA, Boston we use graphite.

Carbon Pencil.

And before moving to paint, we use charcoal.

Sharpened charcoal, badger fan brush, plumb line, tortillion, mirror, black mirror, piece of sponge, opera glasses.

Tiago's cartoon in graphite.

The drawing rendered in carbon pencil.

Cartoon in graphite.

Drawing in charcoal.