Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Shane Wolf Scholarship

Our student, Eric Johnson shares his experience with the Shane Wolf Scholarship:

"Last year, Shane Wolf was the winner of the 2015 ARA Boston's Annual Figure Painting Competition. He generously donated a portion of his winnings back to the academy as a scholarship for two students. The purpose of the scholarship was to help them continue a higher education in figurative art in the spirit of the competition. I was so thankful to be of the lucky recipients of the Shane Wolf Scholarship, and it gave me the means to continue taking full time figure classes at ARA.

Within the 2015-2016 academic year I persistently pursued my love of figurative art in a representational manner. To make the most of the scholarship, I wanted to show my gratitude by woking hard and studying. I spent many late nights sketching anatomy and from drawing from live models. With instruction from a knowledgeable staff of high-merit artists, I was able to make huge improvements on my personal work."

Congrats Eric!

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