Friday, December 5, 2014

Scholarship Competition now accepting applications.

Our scholarship student for the 2014, 2015 school year just wrapped up his first semester and here are his thoughts on his experience so far:

"In just the first semester attending the Academy of Realist Art Boston I never would've thought how much a classical atelier training could open my eyes to new ideas and aspire to further refinement in my own personal work. I being a self taught artist would always delve into my studies with a loose direction, it wasn't until I started at ARA that my studies and focuses were narrowed in a definitive way with the "Charles Bargue, Jean Leon- Jerome Drawing Course" . The strive for accuracy and a true representation of a naturalistic drawing with the up-most dedication to every stage of the process from the gestural construct to the fall of light.

I have learned more in the first three months at ARA than my entire collective experiences of drawing and painting on my own. Although it is my duty to be a good student nothing can paramount a group of well established, knowledgeable and inspiring instructors; each with a unique commodity of knowledge to bring to the class regularly. I find it ever-more inspiring to see the instructors ambitiously yearning to surpass their selves and sharpen their own work, as they too are artists and we all never stop learning.

The environment of ARA is by-far one of my favorite things about the academy; the instructors and fellow student are energetic and humble. Everyone learns at their own pace and there is no real competitive nature to outdo the person next to you. The students are at ARA to undertake the strife for artistic growth and reach exceptional new heights with the help of a noteworthy band of instructors."

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