Friday, September 6, 2013

Color Lab Wrap Up with photos

Recently we wrapped up our last workshop of the summer. It was taught by Sean Krajnik. In this workshop students learned to mix and paint human flesh tones. Through a series of in-depth lectures students learned the fundamental principles of color and gained a greater appreciation for the complexity of painting the human figure.

Using modern color science and color measuring tools such as the Munsell Book of Color and a spectrophotometer students became familiar with the hues they might use to paint flesh.

The beginning lessons dealt with fundamentals like paint selection and organizing a flesh tone palette. Student's then learned to mix the subtle hue and value changes that occur when form changes illumination. They did this using simple flesh colored geometric shapes under a single light source.

Then students worked on a flesh study of a figure painting.

color matching
As you can see from the glare in the photo below, Sean has used saran-wrap to cover the image he is duplicating. This allows the student to color match directly on the image and check for accuracy. Once the correct color key is chosen, the saran-wrap can be set aside to reference later on.

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