Thursday, August 1, 2013

Workshop: Making your own paint and canvas/panels

On July 29th and 30th, the Academy of Realist Art Boston offered a workshop called Traditional Methods of Making Paint, Panels and Canvas with Leo Mancini-Hresko. Leo is exceptionally knowledgeable about about materials and the workshop was filled to the brim with information.

A little about Leo: Leo graduated from The Florence Academy of Art in 2005. He was then asked to stay on at the school, first as an instructor and subsequently director of the school’s drawing program for sculptors. Additionally, Leo taught regular courses in plein-air landscape painting and artist materials until leaving the school in 2011.

In this 2 day workshop, students were hands-on with material, supports, and supplies. While much of this information on it's own can feel daunting and overwhelming, Leo was able to break it down into more understandable chunks and was very accommodating in answering all our questions.

The same basic methods Leo showed us have stood the test of time as they have been used by many generations of master painters.

Students took part in mulling paint and were all able to take a small tube of the titanium white made in class home, and one lucky student earned a beautiful tube of Ultramarine blue! Ultramarine blue can be tricky to make because with just one pass of the muller, the paint changes so drastically. We covered terminology such as "short" and "long" and "stringy" when it comes to describin the consistency of paint and how it feels when you work with it.

Everyone also left with 2 panels they prepared, as well as a linen canvas gessoed and ready for paint.

Painting in oil can seem mysterious to new painters. It is a technical medium and it is important to understand it's properties in order to use them to their full potential. This course helped everyone understand oil paint, mediums and painting supports. Giving us better control of our materials. I highly recommend this course for everyone wanting to paint in oil.

And as always, check out all the other amazing workshops offered at the Academy of Realist Art Boston!

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