Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Student Life: Julie, The new kid in school

This Student Life series of posts will chronicle what the average student experiences at the Academy for Realist Art, Boston. My name is Julie and just a short while ago I moved to Boston, and enrolled at the Academy of Realist Art.

In September, I began taking Bargue drawing classes at the Academy. I started part time with Bargue because I wasn't confident enough in my abilities to tackle the figure right away... plus that pesky WORK gets in the way.

One aspect of the school, that will instantly get you hooked, are the people. I was nervous on my first day, unsure of the kind atmosphere to expect. Should I wear my paint splattered overalls, or an uber chic black turtleneck and black beret? However, the moment I walked through the elevator door, the students and the teachers made me feel welcome, giving me a place where I feel like I belong. I also love the way the academy smells.

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