Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Juan's Portrait Demo

This past week the portrait artist and ARA Toronto instructor Juan Martinez came to the school to teach a grisaille painting workshop. Along with this workshop he treated us to a painting demonstration. Here is a description of the procedure with a few of his painting tips accompanied by some photos of the experience.

  • He begins the painting process by blocking in the portrait with thinned down Burnt Umber.
  • He continues to use the thin Burnt Umber mixed with black to block in the shadow shapes.
  • Next he blocks in the darkest parts of the shirt until all of the shadow shapes have been described.
  • Then with gold and grey colors he blocks in all of the mid-tones.
  • Then a reddish midtone for all of the warm parts: nose, cheeks, etc.
  • He roughly blocks in the darker lights as well.
  • He advises not to use thicker paint when you're still trying to establish the drawing of the portrait.
  • Finally thicker paint is applied to finish off each of forms of the face: mouth, nose, eyes, cheek, forehead, ear.

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